Ecco the Dolphin Playthrough

Step into the delightful world of ‘Ecco the Dolphin’, a gem from the 90s console games. The introductory level, also known as ‘Home Bay’, is all about familiarizing yourself with the controls and mechanics of the game. Whether you play online or on your console, this walkthrough will guide you through the initial steps of the adventure.

Ecco the Dolphin playthrough Ecco the Dolphin playthrough 2

Understanding the Basics

First things first, get to know the controls. Here are some basics:

  • Move: Use the directional buttons to guide Ecco through the water.
  • Dash: This is Ecco’s primary means of attack and can also be used to gain a burst of speed.
  • Sonar: Use sonar to communicate with other sea creatures and interact with certain objects.
Understanding the Basics Understanding the Basics 2

Exploring Home Bay

As you start in Home Bay, you will notice other dolphins around you. Use your sonar to communicate with them. They provide useful advice and set the narrative for the game.

  • Try following the advice of one dolphin who challenges you to jump out of the water. This can be done by speeding up towards the water’s surface and jumping out into the air. Mastering this technique is crucial as it is a frequent requirement in later levels.
  • Take the time to explore the underwater area. This will help you become comfortable with moving around and controlling Ecco.
Exploring Home Bay Exploring Home Bay 2

Triggering the Storm

Once you have communicated with the other dolphins and mastered the jump, you can trigger the central event of Home Bay. The aim is to jump as high as you can from the water.

  • Find the location in the center of Home Bay, where there is a small gap between the surface of the water and the rock formation above.
  • Build up speed and jump out from the water into this gap. Doing so will trigger a storm that sucks all life out of Home Bay, leaving Ecco alone. This event starts the main journey of the game.

And there you have it! You’ve completed the first level of ‘Ecco the Dolphin’. Keep practicing your navigation skills and prepare for the challenges that lay ahead in the deep blue sea.

Navigating the Undercaves

The Undercaves is an intricate network of underwater caves, home to a variety of sea creatures. Here’s a guide to help you:

  • Map Your Way: Use your sonar to explore the environment and detect the living creatures around you. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the cave layout to progress effectively.
  • Manage Air Supply: Remember, Ecco is a mammal and needs to breathe. Be sure to keep an eye on your air gauge and replenish your air supply by finding air pockets within the caves.
  • Spot Dangers: Watch out for jellyfish and crustaceans. You can deal with them by using your dash attack.
Navigating the Undercaves Navigating the Undercaves 2

Problem-solving Underwater

The Undercaves introduces you to puzzle-solving elements of the game. You’ll encounter blocked passages that require some effort to get through:

  • Manipulating Rocks: Certain passages in the Undercaves are blocked by rocks. You need to push these rocks using your dash ability. The rocks can be used to plug harmful vents or open new paths.
  • Discover Glyphs: Glyphs are mysterious crystals that can hinder or assist you. You’ll find a glyph that emits a force field, preventing you from progressing. Use your sonar on it until it deactivates, clearing the way forward.
Problem-solving Underwater

Reaching the Exit

After navigating through the maze-like Undercaves and overcoming the obstacles, you’ll reach the exit and complete the level:

  • The Key Glyph: Near the end of the level, you will find a key glyph. You will need to touch this glyph and then return to the previously encountered glyph. The interaction will remove the force field that was blocking your way, leading you to the end of the level.

With this, you’ve successfully completed the second stage of ‘Ecco the Dolphin’. From cave-exploring to problem-solving, you are mastering the skills that will guide you through the rest of the game. Remember, this aquatic adventure is best enjoyed when played at your own pace. So, continue exploring, stay curious, and have fun!

The Deep Seas Await: Level 3 Walkthrough for the Ecco the Dolphin Game

In the intriguing aquatic world of The Dolphin’s Epic, the third stage, dubbed “The Undercaves,” invites players to explore vast underwater caves and confront unseen dangers. If you’re playing via console or online, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the challenges with ease.



Your main goal is to traverse the cave system, dealing with treacherous currents and deadly enemies. An essential key is to maintain your breath meter, which depletes over time, requiring Ecco to resurface periodically for air. This level’s complexities serve as a reminder of the game’s fascinatingly real depiction of the marine environment.


  1. Begin by swimming to the right, avoiding the sea urchins that stick to the cave walls.
  2. Look out for trilobites along your path, hostile creatures that can harm you.
  3. Continue right until you encounter a large rock barrier. Use your sonar to remove it.
  4. Swim upwards to replenish your air at the water surface, and then proceed down into the deeper section of the cave.
  5. Navigate through the currents in the lower cave area, making sure to avoid contact with the harmful jellyfish.
  6. You will encounter a strong current blocking your path. To bypass it, find the glyph and use your sonar on it.
  7. Continue right to finish the level, taking care to avoid the various predators and obstacles that block your path.

The third stage of the Dolphin’s Odyssey ups the ante in terms of challenge, offering players an exhilarating deep-sea experience. With patience and practice, you’ll soon be navigating through the Undercaves like a true ocean explorer.

True ocean explorer

Stay tuned for more detailed playthrough guides for subsequent levels. Dive back into the adventure with your favorite oceanic hero, whether you’re playing on your console or online.

Level 1: Home Bay – This is the introductory level of the game. You play as Ecco, exploring your peaceful ocean home, learning basic controls and mechanics such as swimming, jumping, and using your sonar.

Level 2: The Undercaves – This level introduces environmental hazards like spiky corals and hostile creatures, requiring the player to navigate carefully through the caves while avoiding or dealing with these threats. There’s also a need to push rocks with your nose to progress through certain areas.

Level 3: The Vents – In this level, you experience strong water currents in the form of vents. These vents can push you in different directions, adding a new layer of complexity to navigation. More hostile sea creatures are introduced, increasing the challenge.

Level 4: Open Ocean – Ecco needs to navigate through this challenging marine landscape filled with predators. Make use of Ecco’s sonar map to find the right path.

Level 5: Cold Water Zone – This zone introduces a new challenge – temperature. Stay clear of icy patches that can harm Ecco and remember to surface regularly for air.

Level 6: The Marble Sea – This underwater maze can be confusing. Use your sonar to map your surroundings and watch out for various enemies.

Level 7: The Undercaves – This is where the game starts getting tough. Use your dash attack to break through barriers and avoid harmful creatures.

Level 8: Deep Water Zone – This zone features even more complex mazes and stronger enemies. Keep a mental note of safe locations where Ecco can breathe.

Level 9: The City of Forever – In this mysterious city, Ecco will need to solve various puzzles to progress. Pay close attention to glyphs and other objects of interest.

Level 10: The Tube – This is a high-speed level where Ecco must navigate through a network of tubes. Precision and reaction time are key.

Level 11: The Vents – Navigate through complex underwater vent systems. Beware of strong currents and deadly sea creatures.

Level 12: Jurassic Beach – You’ve traveled back in time! Explore this ancient beach and face off against prehistoric marine life.

Level 13: Pteranodon Pond – Watch out for aggressive Pteranodons in this level, and stay on guard for other prehistoric threats.

Level 14: Origin Beach – Search this level for glyphs and puzzles, all while dealing with ancient sea creatures.

Level 15: Trilobite Circle – A puzzle-focused level that requires thorough exploration and problem-solving to find the way forward.

Level 16: Dark Water – This level introduces dark water, which obscures vision and hides threats.

Level 17: Deep City – Navigate through an ancient underwater city. Look for glyphs that can offer guidance or unlock pathways.

Level 18: Hard Water – Here you’ll encounter crystalline structures and more puzzles. Beware of sharp edges and hostile creatures.

Level 19: Cold Heart – This level continues the themes of Cold Water Zone but with increased difficulty and new challenges.

Level 20: Lunar Bay – An extraterrestrial-themed level where you navigate low-gravity environments and deal with alien creatures.

Level 21: Island Zone – A series of islands that need to be navigated. Watch out for terrestrial enemies!

Level 22: The Machine – Navigate this mechanical nightmare and solve puzzles to advance.

Level 23: Home Bay – Return to a familiar environment, but with an increased difficulty level.

Level 24: The Tube – Similar to previous Tube levels, this stage focuses on high-speed navigation.

Level 25: Welcome to the Machine – A continuation of the mechanical theme, featuring complex machinery and puzzle-solving.

Level 26: The Last Fight – Prepare for a boss fight in this level. You’ll need all your skills to succeed.

Level 27: Epilogue – The final level of the game. Enjoy the resolution to Ecco’s epic adventure.

Remember, these summaries are meant to give a general idea of what to expect in each level. The best way to succeed is to play the game and learn its mechanics, puzzles, and enemies firsthand. Good luck!